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conspire to sort of derail the romney campaign. this was sandy, the october surprise, manufactured by christie and obama to screw romney. >> iranian hostage crisis with bruce springsteen. >> all i'm saying. obama is next to christie it's like a biracial ten. [ laughter ] >> no, i'm joking. >> the critz at this thing. >> greg: christie doesn't have an ideological bone in his body. he does what he wants is there he was helping his people out. that is what he was doing. people on the light he was conspiring with obama, that is about helpful for homicidal that is like mahmoud ahmadinejad endorsing him. >> and they can't blame sanity did i on the anti-islam video -- i was talking to jill but let's talk about the elections. election day is just a year away and pundits. dick morris says romney will win in a landslide. new york times poll and they are betting on bam, short for barack. what about the electoral popular vote split? it could happen. that is what my pectoral captain hard shell and he is never wrong except for vietnam. if someone could make sense of it all someone like joe biden
in on what they think will happen when bomey meets romney. and why did police tell a woman to take down her christmas lights? the what are on christmas is upon us once again. and finally, did a brazilian hidden camera tv show go too far when it made people think they were trapped in an elevator with a impose girl from -- with a ghost empyreal from hell? some say yes, but -- well, actually everyone says yes. tom? >> thanks, andy. nice sweater/t-shirt combo. >> i enjoy your sweater/shirt/tie combo if that is what it is. >> i met her on a passenger trip after hitting an iceberg. she survived, but i died in the waters of the north atlantic. i am here with jedediah bila. and he and i fought a 15-round boxing match in the 1970s. we add rematch and have been best friends ever since. it is matt welch. and he and i became really close while herding sheep in wyoming. it was a hot, sweaty summer and things just happened. it is bill schulz. and i met him as a navy fighter pilot in school, you know in our spare time we played volleyball on the beach with our shirts off. we used a lot of sunscreen. sitti
the president holds a half a percent over mitt romney. to put that in perspective, that small. and election workers are hustling to count tens of thousands of absentee ballots. said one floridian, we are such an embarassment, it is always a fiasco with us. or they are just thorough. as it happens, "red eye" staffer is from there and works for the miami-dade board of elections. he is one of the many poll workers counting the final ballots. let's go to him live. michael? >> 6,121. 6,122. 6,523. 6,524. >> mike, how is it going there? the votes will be in soon? >> 1. 2. >> keep up the good work. >> that's the problem. the sum of my thoughts i seek out a metaphor to describe my emotions after this election. >> the metaphor here is the turtle was america having sex and then the turtle fell over and that is america after the election. barak you sane obama stopped that turtle from having sex. i thought miles, your son, was going to be there. >> that was a gast idea. i don't know who agreed to that. he is grounded for rey ecting a bloody -- re-electing a bloody amateur. >> you didn't vote for barac
tweet bad info. it is how dare you trick me? >> we saw that with romney. they were fiewsh -- furious they were bamboozles. >> there are guys like this who spread false information. the good thing is the number of people who call out people like this those people, myself included, are the real heros. >> i missed that joke. did he do the shawshank thing. >> i wanted to make a come back. and it would be the shaw shank redemption. >> they didn't get it in. >> they got it in a classy way. >> and you promoted your twitter account. >> absolutely. i think this guy thought he was being funny and clever by tweeting fake things. he would tweet something that what blatantly wrong and then gurn ad sh sh -- journalists would retweet him. to me that's trolling. >> and i wasn't listening to these guys, buts did we explain he was tweeting serious sounding tweets? i thought it was a gilbert god freed thing. people were making joke expiz said, forget it. these were serious tweets about the shutdown all power in manhattan. there was nothing funny about it. if he was doing it to screw people over he is a
i was screwing around. >> maybe she is a romney supporter. maybe she is a romney supporter and black mailed him and was going to come out with salacious e-mails. >> why use the term black mail? this is 2012. >> it is african-american-mail. >> i actually subscribe to that catalog. there are a lot of great robes i buy. >> shorty robes, people. everybody knows about my shorty robe collection. are there ducks in a row while the right suffers whoa? they have a clear favorite and it is the comedic actor sinbad. no, actually it is hillary clinton. the public policy polling, ie boring jerk shows the secretary of state with 50% in a hypothetical presidential run. with joe biden a distant second. many thought he would change his mind because women always do. the gop settled on a candidate for 2016, and it is not mitt romney. for more let's go to our senior political cory correspondent. demon corgi. >> you are never getting that corgi out of the box. but why did you put him in the box if that's what's going to happen? jesse you ran for president for the dudes who hang out in the auto parts club
or are they all political? >> papa john's, you know a sea of big romney supporters. it was definitely -- they did an estimation of cost and they will go up 3 to 4 cents. i know he said 15 cents, but it is a little politico, but it is a reality that businesses will have to deal with. >> absolutely. imogen, if the prices go up and they put a surcharge on the food, will it stop you from going to denny's? >> it gives us the opportunity to talk about health care on red eye. i know viewers love it. this papa john's bloke will add $5 million to $8 million to his general bills. however, at the moment he gives away $$32 million in free pizza and contributing to the romney campaign. if he contributes less to politicians who don't win and then maybe give away less free pizza and made employees happy by giving health care, that would be a good thing. >> i think we have to bleep bloke, hope you made a note about that. i heard the free pizza deal. the counter argument is you are giving away free pizza with the hope that it will end up with giving you increased business. >> if have you half of your employees pe
for unmanned aircraft strikes on terrorists so that if romney won he would inherit clear guidelines. the issues are not as urgent now. obama won allegedly, but the administration is still pushing to formalize the rules and nail down exactly when deadly force is justified. they are debating whether drones should be a last resort against imminent threat to our country or something else like in pakistan where they are deployed against militants whose main grudge is with pakistani authoritiesment the president has miss givings telling one interviewer, quote, there is a remotist to it that helps us think somehow we can solve vexing security problems. for more, let's go live to qet red eye"'s correspondent chip herrington. >> i don't know how he got his security credentials. are we going too far with drones or not far enough? >> you are solving vexing security problems which is a nice why the stuff, but how do you do uj judge, jury and the such. you turn them into lengthy decisions and how do we do this? and you missed your target half the time. it is a very difficult question. >> wait a minute. ther
. >> mitt romney, bye-bye. >> new york was voted the loudest city in america. do you agree? >> sure. we are proud of it. >> sorry, couldn't hear ?u. >> sure, and proud of it. >> one more time? >> we are proud of it. >> still can't hear you. >> proud of the loudness ever new york. >> it is not picking up on the microphone? if we learned anything, the only dirty thing about new york are detractors. purell? good. >> now i know why you were sick. every tourist you spoke to seemed pretty nice. none seemed to have a low down feeling about new york. >> the first time i needed a tourist to play a role, they disappointed. i just wanted them to be rude and they ruined the entire piece. >> i liked the actual new yorker who pointed out they changed the rules every day. >> it is a crazy world out there. and i want to add, go rangers. >> no, don't add that. we have this study here. do you tbre? are we dirty, loud and whatever? >> i think so. and by the way, bill, a marvelous job. it always helps to complement people. >> i think we are the loudest city and dirty. it is simply because there are so many
on tonight's show, old sport some. >> coming up, why is mitt romney declining interviews with tv tabloids? why it has anything to do with the fact that he is, you know, running for, you know, president of the united states. and did a united states sthor fly to the -- senator fly to the dominican republic fly to have sex with prostitutes ? who care. the shocking answers straight ahead. i guess the shocking answer gives it away. greg? >> everything back to normal in your apartment? >> everything is good to go, greg, yes, thanks for asking. >> i was worried about the cat. >> i can hear the sincerity in your voice. it is dripping with sincerity. >> i know you had a problem with flooding. >> i had no flooding. we talked about this last night. everything was fine. i did not, i cannot stress this enough, i did not eat the cat. the cats are fine. i posted pictures of them holding little new york posts with today's date on them. i think it speaks for itself. >> we know those pictures were taken quite awhile ago with doctored newspapers just in case this disaster would arrive and you did eat your c
funded so much into romney. he was where obama was at with the left wingers who funded him. i'm sure the coke brothers will talk wal-mart into not hiring anybody and then out source them. and then they come together in the middle. >> i will side with the coke brothers because they are american. everyone knows it is the hang gave yen doctrine to destroy america. doing it from within. >> you took my talking point. >> i am sitting in bowling seats. >> you were grimacing. >> this is not about billionaire versus billionaire. >> it is always billionaire versus billionaire! >> he was the one encouraging the wal-mart workers to join this union and wal-mart is the largest employer and one of the biggest companies. it is important because they moved out their date to before the end of the year. you don't have to pay the taxes, and that is significant. it will save you a lot of money. they are the biggest hirers. >> i follow that. they hire a lot of people. >> and wal-mart has a bad reputation. they always blow them off. they were so big and powerful. that's really what it is. >> they want it u
>> eric: if i did -- >> isn't that what romney bet? >> bob: yes, i don't have enelevator in my garage. >> greg: you have an elevator in your bedroom. >> kimberly: he is here all week. that is it for "the five." thank you for watching. >>> welcome to "red eye." i'm andy levy filling in for greg gutfeld. you may have heard. he has a new book out called "the joy of hate." i am contractually obligated to show it anyway. i have to sopa signing things. let's go to jedediah bila for a pre game president are. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> our top story, the fbi surveillance prowess, should you be worried about what is stored on your personal computer 1234* yes, bill schulz, you should be. and barack obama rebukes republican senators for their rights. but did our president point the finger at himself? and finally do men have standards when it comes to hitting on hot women? we discovered illiteracy and just plain weirdness sometimes aren't enough to deter men on a mission. >> thanks, jedediah. let's welcome our guests. i am here with fox news network reporter sandra smith. imus
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)

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